Newest Testimonial

“I have been very happy with the care provided by Dr Keeble. He has dealt with me in a personal and professional manner throughout, clearly explaining the various tests I have needed, their results and subsequent treatment. He has been very reassuring throughout and it has been beneficial having email contact throughout.”

Recent Testimonial #1

“He immediately put me at ease at a time of great stress. Explained the condition in simple terms and ensured I was treated ASAP. He was genuinely caring for both myself and my wife.”

Recent Testimonial #2

“I was seen by Dr Keeble in clinic and he decided I needed admitting as I was quite poorly. He spent ages on the phone finding me a cardiac bed while making sure I was being looked after. He organised urgent tests quickly and kept me informed at all times. He even came in to check on me on his day off. Once he had diagnosed the problem, changed my medication and I was discharged he kept me informed of the final test results by email. He was very kind & never made me feel rushed, I am extremely grateful to him.”

Recent Testimonial #3

“Dr Keeble provided the best advice I could wish for. At the end of the day your heart is a pump and all the arteries and veins are simply pipe work that can be fixed or not. That’s the way I wanted it explained and I got that from Dr Keeble,  down to earth no nonsense explanation.”

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